From time to time, opportunities or challenges arise that require cash quickly. Owners of luxury assets can use their assets to obtain cash to capitalize on new opportunities.

Luxury Asset Lending prides itself in being a premier financial resource for loans secured by luxury assets. We are able to offer our clients unique lending programs on a variety of assets to provide short-term bridge financing.

We begin with an appraisal of the asset. Value is determined based on factors such as, brand and model, condition, scarcity, exclusivity, age, marketability, and other relevant factors. Clients must provide proof of ownership and certifications as applicable. Once the asset is appraised, a maximum loan amount will be offered. Once the loan size and terms are agreed upon, we take the asset into our possession and funds are sent to the client within as little as 24 hours. 

Luxury asset loans are typically offered for between 30 – 120 day terms.  Clients may redeem the loan at any time before the end of the term, and will be charged according to the terms of the loan. Upon expiration of a loan, clients may request an extension. Upon approval of an extension by Luxury Asset Lending, clients are required to pay all past due interest and fees from the original agreements as required by our California Lenders License. Thereafter, clients may be issued a new loan agreement.

Short term loans are available in amounts ranging from $10,000 to $10,000,000.

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