Appraise Your Coin Collection

Coin Appraisal

The current True Market Value of a coin is determined by several factors: Mintage A Coin’s total possible supply available to a market is determined by its mintage= the combined quantity of a particular coin produced by a mint (an industrial facility which manufactures coins for currency). A mintage is typically annual hence, once a year is over the supply of that coin is capped. Melt Value Refers to the intrinsic value of a coin composed of a precious metal if melted and sold at current market mark. Grade/Condition The physical condition of a coin is graded for imperfections. Uncirculated coins and those in Mint condition are rare and hold greater values. Supply/Dealer Stock The number of existing coins for a given type, denomination, date and mint Demand Current market demand for a particular coin and/or mintage.
  • Grade your coin according to the definitions set below:
  • Often, the very aspects that make a coin valuable require a physical examination in order to determine value, authenticity, condition, etc. We recommend you contact a local numismatist [coin and currency expert] in your area who will be able to establish value and answer any questions you may have. We recommend that you consult several experts before selling in order to be comfortable with the information received. Should you reside in Southern California and wish us to possibly evaluate your coin(s), please send photos and any additional details to We will get back with you as quickly as we can. Thank you again for your interest in Luxury Asset Lending.