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How You can use your Jewelry as Loan Collateral

If you would like to receive a jewelry and gemstones loan, please contact us. Luxury Asset Lending will appraise your jewelry and present you with a loan offer. We also have an extensive network of art dealers, art brokers, and art appraisers to assist us in finding the true value of your piece or pieces.

To initiate an appraisal on your jewelry, gems, gold/silver, or timepiece

please call or email us with the following information:

Call 877-695-5566

  • Type of jewelry item
  • An image of the item
  • The Specs of the item

Certain pieces require a large amount of research involving analyzing past auction results and consulting with various experts in the jewelry business. For this reason, please include as much relevant research, literature or additional documentation you think may be helpful to us in determining a value for your piece.

Luxury Asset Lending provides

short-term cash loans on jewelry and gems

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Luxury Asset Lending

We’ve eliminated many of the traditional requirements banks are demanding today to approve loans. Our lending process is actually quite simple; we base the loan amount solely on the collateral you provide. There is no consideration given to your credit history, employment history, or income levels. Our simple and straightforward lending solutions help our clients gain immediate access to funds that they can use for any purpose.

As our name suggests, our loan portfolio is backed primarily by personal luxury items. Since we are asset based lenders, the asset used for collateral is our central concern and is inspected by an in-house appraiser for authenticity, valuation, and ownership. Upon completion of the appraisal process, we can typically close the lending transaction the same day. We have an intimate knowledge on many luxury assets and have demonstrated our understanding by completing funding on many unique and unusual items. All assets must be free of any liens or encumbrances and the chain of title must be clear.


Luxury Asset Lending offers a confidential and fast method of getting the cash you need from the equity in your personal assets. All lending transactions are completed in a discreet and service oriented process.

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