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Luxury Asset Lending provides cash loans up to 2,000,000 for luxury goods and assets

 Luxury Asset Lending

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We provide:


Fast Cash For Your Collateral Assets

We are the trusted alternative to bank financing and distressed selling. Our unique process can quickly fund your loan. We can provide you with the money you need by securing your luxury assets in lieu of traditional underwriting criteria such as credit, income and employment verification.


Why Choose Luxury Asset Lending Over Other Short-Term Lenders?

  • No Credit Checks Required
  • Money in Your Bank Within 24 Hours
  • Discreet, Fast, & Convenient Service
  • Alternative to Banks
  • No Income or Employment Verification
  • Renewable Terms
  • Alternative To Distressed Selling
  • Higher Loan to Value Loans
  • Loan Amounts Up To $2 Million
  • No Installment Payment Options
  • No Upfront Fees
  • Licensed Bonded, And Fully Insured


Every day individuals and small businesses walk into banks assuming that lending standards have eased or that their relationships with banks are strong enough for a loan, only to walk out empty-handed. For these borrowers we offer a unique financing option.

Luxury Asset Lending is a Professional Lending Firm specializing in discreet short-term financing. Our lending is based solely on the equity of your luxury assets. We provide our clients with an exclusive short-term loan service that uses the clients assets as collateral  for the loan. Our service is secure, confidential, and discreet.

Our application process is simple and straightforward. Primarily an asset based lender, Luxury Asset Lending understands the need for absolute confidentiality. We accordingly act as a model of discretion throughout the course of our services for our clientele.

As our name suggests, our loan portfolio is backed primarily by personal luxury items. Since we are asset based lenders, the asset used for collateral is our central concern and is inspected by an in-house appraiser for authenticity, valuation, and ownership. Upon completion of the appraisal process, we can typically close the lending transaction the same day. We have an intimate knowledge on many luxury assets and have demonstrated our understanding by completing funding on many unique and unusual items. All assets must be free of any liens or encumbrances and the chain of title must be clear.


Private and Discreet Service Oriented Lending

Our private and discreet lending services are arranged from our corporate offices in Encinitas, California. As trusted financiers, we guarantee that our lending services will provide fast funding and do so in a discreet manner. Our clientele include some of the top names in the sports and entertainment industry, CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, as well as those whom reside at exclusive and prestigious addresses.

We provide a confidential and quick funding process that can provide you with immediate cash through the equity of your luxury collateral items. If traditional sources of funding have not yielded the desired results and you wish to avoid distressed selling of your assets, consider our financing solution as a fast and private method to obtain the funds that you need. Our underwriting and approval process is completed in-house and we can usually approve loan requests the same day. Funding for your loan can occur as soon as 1 to 7 days and you can use the proceeds of the loan for any purpose.


Our Underwriting Philosophy

We eliminate the red tape by giving you a streamlined and quick access to the cash you need. Our primary decision to lend is based solely on the asset presented to us. We do not take into consideration your credit history, employment history, or current levels of income. At Luxury Asset Lending ,we’re aware of the hurdles that are common with traditional banks, and regardless of your relationship with them, these hurdles oftentimes cannot be overcome. This is where we excel. We understand and appreciate your immediate need and have designed our lending programs with that in mind.

Luxury Asset Lending can provide immediate financing where speed and attention to special circumstances are critical. Most of our lending is catered to individuals and small business owners.

We’ve eliminated many of the traditional requirements banks are demanding today to approve loans. Our lending process is actually quite simple; we base the loan amount solely on the collateral you provide. There is no consideration given to your credit history, employment history, or income levels. Our simple and straightforward lending solutions help our clients gain immediate access to funds that they can use for any purpose.

Luxury Asset Lending offers a confidential and fast method of getting the cash you need from the equity in your personal assets. All lending transactions are completed in a discreet and service oriented process.

Our service guarantees absolute privacy to our clientele. Your personal information is never shared and your items provided for collateral are monitored, stored securely, and completely insured.

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 Private, Discreet, and Service Oriented Lending.

We are Luxury Asset Lending.


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